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Stressless Living in Changing Times

                     Welcome to Unstressed Execs 

 Are you ready to transform your di-stress to unstressed? 


Are you sick and tired of being stressed?

Do you get so wound-up that you feel like pulling your hair out?

Are the challenges of life weighing you down? 

Would you rather have a stressless, effortless life?


If you own a car, how often do you put it through an MOT?

And, how often do you check your general health?..


 We only tend to consider our health when there is a health issue rather than considering the  many simple preventative measures to optimise our health and life.

So, when did you last have a full medical check-up with your GP?..

 They will be fairly thorough, checking your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, Body  Mass Index, as well as a full blood count.


 All of these tests are useful on a medical level and when used responsibly the results can  give you a fair indication of well-ness.  

 However they mostly address physical health issues and rarely do you get asked about  emotional or mental health issues. 

 Ultimately, the only person who can be completely responsibile for your life and  health is  you.


  • For a better idea on how I can help you, give me a call  01933-439655

     What would you do with your life if your health was vibrant, flowing  and balanced? 

     What time are you prepared to invest to find out?


    • How about 21/2 - 3 hours for an Holistic MOT?

     Your Holistic MOT session with me is the start of a journey, the next chapter in  a stressless life, starting with a more balanced state of being.

     What I aim to do is encourage you to focus on you, where you are and what you want to  change.

     I'll give you simple exercises to encourage your health to re-balance; as well as suggesting  achievable diet and lifestyle changes.


    Though what I would like you to consider are: 

    Unstressed Solutions Programme.

    What I offer you are 1 - 3 month programmes to become unstressed,

    relaxed and able to manage the challenges of your life.


       I ask you 3 simple questions:

     Are you tired of surviving?

    Are you ready to take responsibility?

    Do you want to enjoy life and thrive?

     So what are you waiting for?